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Process Filtration




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Process Filtration

Pure Process provides a wide range of filter application solutions via a wide range of membrane, depth. lenticular and Zeta Pak, filter press,  bag, cartridge and capsule filters and associated filter housings. Read more...

Solids Separation

FUNDABAC® systems are mainly applied for solid/liquid separation in the chemical, chlor alkali, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other processing industries -
the ideal solution for low OEL applications.

Ultraviolet Systems

UV can be used on any liquid capable of transmitting UV light and is used for contamination control of water and fluids and generation of Ozone. Read more...


cGMP Chromatography Columns and Custom Packing

In cGMP environments it is essential that effective column packing can be demonstrated for the process to perform as designed. Read all about it on our blog!


Solaris Biotech Pass the Mic to their Design Team

End consumers and creative teams have been given the microphone by Solaris Biotech for genuine testimonies. Read all about it on our blog!


How Can Bioreactors and Bioprocess Systems Have More Efficient Flow Control?

How can you achieve more efficient flow control and the advantages of using bioreactors and bioprocess systems?Read all about it on our blog!


pH Control in Tissue Culture with Biological Buffers

The role of biological buffers for pH control in Tissue Culture.Read all about it on our blog!


Achema: Showing Innovative Solids Separation Solutions

We will be at Achema with our partners DrM showing innovative solids separation solutions and Single Use solids handling technologies; Also we will be alongside our new partners in Process Water treatment and recovery, OSMO Membrane Systems. Come see us at Hall 5.0, stand B16 & Hall 9.1, F18. Read all about on our blog!


What is a Filter Press

Do you know what a Filter Press is? And what is the major difference between filter presses? Read all about on our blog!



Have You Seen the FUNDABAC® in action? This video shows an example of a pneumatic design to seal the discharge chute with a removable container. Here during the testing phase. Watch the Video!



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