Mixing and Crystallisation Event September 2019

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Mixing and Crystallisation Event September 2019

21st August 2019

Mixing and Crystallisation is a joint event organised by the Fluid Mixing Processes and Pharma Special Interest Groups of IChemE. It will be taking place at the Imperial College London, Kensington, on the 20th of September.

This meeting aims to bring together researchers and experts working with fluid mixing, chemical reaction, turbulence, precipitation and crystallisation. Not only from an academic field but also industrial.

Sailesh Patel, Pure Process Sales Director, with over thirty years’ experience in process and filtration applications will be speaking at this IChemE event, presenting the paper: "Comparing a Fundamix Vibromixer and rotational impeller efficiency and effectiveness."

Also included in the programme are topics like numerical methods, mixing technologies, fluid dynamics of mixing, crystallisation design, as well as other aspects of the application of mixing technology to pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Download the Programme.

For more information on the Mixing and Crystallisation Event, please visit the IChemE website.