Cell Culture Media

Cell Culture Media
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Cell Culture Media

Cell Culture Media

We supply BioConcept‘s  AMIMED® cell and tissue culture product lines for large scale use in the UK and Ireland. This means you can develop your process from lab to pilot to large scale manufacture without having to do a lot of optimisation and reconfiguration as the product progresses through the cycle. We offer a wide variety of special and standard (classical) media to create the optimum conditions for your cells, all of which are manufactured in our Swiss cGMP facilities.

BioConcept Ltd’s strength is in customising cell culture media and creating established media for recombinant protein production. Both standard (classical) media and solutions are also available. The manufacturing facilities are specially designed to provide sterile QC liquids, microbial broths, and agars. Our product range contains the following items:

  • Special customer-designed media – Contract manufacturing of sterile liquids and powder formulations

  • Production media for CHO, Hybridoma and Insect Cells

  • Custom solutions for your cell culture requirements – Complete cell systems applications for CHO cells – Standard media – Serum-free and ACF media – Liquid as well as powder media formulations

  • Buffers and balanced salt solutions – Supplements and auxiliary reagents

  • Animal sera in addition to the broad range of cell culture products

The below are the solutions available to our customers:

Cell Culture Media
  • Standard products modification

  • New products according to customers recipes – Outsourcing of media production – Variable batch sizes starting from 5 L up to 5000 L (liquid) and 2 kg up to 800 kg (powder)

  • Flexible packaging capability (PET/glass bottles, sterile bags, customized tubing systems, as well as customer specifications)

  • Sterilization through sterile filtration (0.22 µm) or hot air/vapour sterilization

The versatile manufacturing plant is designed to make cell culture media, but it can also make sterile QC liquids and microbial broths and agars. Our product line includes:

  • Special customer-designed media

  • Individual solutions for your cell culture challenge

  • Complete cell systems applications

  • Standard media

  • Serum free and animal component (ACF) free media

  • Liquid and powder media

  • Animal sera

  • Buffers and balanced salt solutions

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Cell Culture Media Mammalian Cell Culture Production Media MAM-PF®

BioConcept Ltd has been able to manufacture and supply a new form of Mammalian Cell Culture Media thanks to the breakthrough in recombinant protein production. MAM-PF® known as Mammalian Artificial Media is a line of media tailor made to satisfy the needs of large-scale therapeutics and biosimilars producers.

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