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Microfiltration is a pressure-operated membrane process that separates solid, colloidal, and emulsified particles from liquids with a separation limit of 10 - 0.1 µm. Smaller particles that do not exceed the separation cap travel through the membrane.

Microfiltration Processes

Convective transport is used to transport substances and fluids into the pores. In this method, diffusion transport, which is the foundation for nanofiltration and reverses osmosis, plays a minor role. Our typical applications for microfiltration are the following:

Equipment Used in Microfiltration
  • Removal of colloidal substances from acids and alkalis

  • Treatment of process fluids by separating hydroxides, lime particles, abrasive particles, and catalysts

  • Concentration of suspensions

  • Separation of chemical sludge

Microfiltration is often used as the first step in a larger operation. As a result, the filtrate is often returned to the process after being further processed in successive process phases. Because of the high concentration, the concentrate will also be profitably reused as it contains useful compounds.