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Ultrafiltration is a pressure-operated membrane process in which solid, colloidal, and emulsified particles with a separation limit of 0.1 - 0.01 µm are separated from a liquid. Molecules and ions that do not exceed the separation limit travel through the membrane.

Ultrafiltration Processes

The transport of substances and fluids through the pores takes place by convective transport. Diffusion transport, which forms the basis for nanofiltration and reverses osmosis, plays a subordinate role in this process. Our typical applications for ultrafiltration are the following:

Equipment Used in Ultrafiltration
  • River water treatment such as paper processing plants

  • Processing of fermentation broths

  • Concentration of paints and lacquers such as in automotive manufacture plants

Ultrafiltration is often used as a preliminary stage in an overall process. The filtrate can be further treated in the following process steps. Even the concentrate, if it contains valuable substances, can often be further utilised profitably due to the high concentration, enabling us to get the most out of your process and avoid wastewater by applying an intelligent process control.